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All semi-trucks on the road will need this maintenance operation sooner or later. It's natural for this pivot point to wear because of the huge physical forces it's required to absorb. If you elect replacement you'll have to spend one to three thousand dollars and will lose several days in productivity because the rig will be side-lined during this time. Repairing the pin is less costly and faster to complete (hours rather than days). More Info

Are you able to do your own maintenance
Any idea what an hourly wage for a mechanic might be
Preventive maintenance and its role in your business
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To remove the remaining ice crystals put some alcohol using the alcohol injector through the system it will because it will just spread by itself through the air brake system. When it is done you turn your petcock valve to flush the air brake tanks.
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Truck Engines are so much different than car engine and that goes for the Air Cleaners too. An air filter on a semi-truck must take in huge volumes of air. Any dirt or debris that gets into the engine thru the air-filter can damage the engine More Info
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