Economic hardship has been felt by all industries at one time or another and the trucking industry has not been exempt from this, especially during the last few years. Business in the trucking industry is back on the upswing, but could be facing another blow financially with the recent laws set forth by the United States federal government regarding safety, trucking insurance and changes therein.

The new laws set forth by the government will require that truckers establish themselves as safe drivers operating their business truck, as well as operating their personal vehicles. On the road, Department of Transportation inspectors will not only be scrutinizing individual trucks and driver performance, but will be making this information available for the public to look at.

What does all this mean in regard to kingpin repair and replacement? Maintaining a healthy kingpin is essential for vehicle and public safety; since insurance premiums and public reputation as a trucker will directly depend on a safe vehicle and a blemish-free driving record, it makes financial sense to ensure that such an integral part of a trucker's means of transport is properly maintained and repaired before it breaks down completely. Replacing a kingpin will not only require the expenditure of hundreds of dollars, but will harm the kingpin's supporting structures as the old kingpin is hollowed out by an oxidative process. Add to that the difficulty in welding new cross members to weakened and damaged metal, and it increases the chances that you will need a new bolster plate in the not-so-distant future.

By maintaining the kingpin instead of replacing it, drivers and owners will not only prevent damage and the loss of dollars, but drivers will have added confidence that their trucks are safely carrying them and their cargo down the road. Feeling sure of one's ride provides an added level of security, which translates into safer driving, better driver ratings, better insurance rates, and money saved overall.

In short, an essential part of road safety is stricter driver regulations, as well as properly maintained vehicles. Fleet managers have a responsibility to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on their trucks and trailers and
kingpin repair is an important part of this. The trailer kingpin and locking mechanism should be within the specifications set forth by the industry governing bodies to prevent risk of accidents.

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Insurance companies will consider all of this information, when providing insurance coverage for individual truckers, basing part of the policy on the trucker's risk of having an accident.
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